Whether you’ve been hard at work outdoors, or simply spent too much time trying to get a tan, your skin can take a beating. And whilst we all know how important it is to slap on the sunscreen, a body moisturiser that hydrates and protects the skin is also a must.

With VITAMAN’s Body Moisturiser, you can now soothe both sun damage and dry, rough, or chapped areas of skin, like knees, elbows, and hands. And best of, you’ll no longer have to steal your better half’s moisturiser!


Designed to hydrate your skin and leave it feeling calm and smooth, VITAMAN’s
Body Moisturiser is ideal for daily use, especially if outdoors or participating in
sporting activities.


VITAMAN’s Body Moisturiser is suitable for all skin types and will revitalise how your skin looks and feels. And with an aroma of Kakadu Plum and Rosella Flower, it’ll leave your skin smelling amazing too!


Featuring natural Australian ingredients like White Tea Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf
Juice, and Shea Butter, VITAMAN’s Body Moisturiser can be applied to the entire
body after showering, or whenever the skin is dry. And used in combination with
VITAMAN’s Face & Body Cleanser and Sea Salt Body Scrub, your skin will thank you for the much needed drink.


To protect your skin and take on the day looking and feeling your best, choose the high-performance of VITAMAN Body Moisturiser.

150ml (5 oz)

VITAMAN’s Body Moisturiser - 150ml

GST Included